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Blogging While Sailing the Caribbean

I had a chance to do an interview with Joanne, a sailor doing America’s Great Loop with her husband David and their dog.  She has been writing a travel blog since they left Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada many months ago.

Their journey took them across the Great Lakes to Chicago, where the mast was taken off and trucked down to the Gulf of Mexico. With too many low bridges, they did the route down to the mouth of Mississippi River by motorboat.

shallow seas

They have been sailing the Caribbean Seas for a few months living a dream. Plans are to put the boat up on dry dock during the hurricane season in Miami. They hope to return in the fall and to continue their trip down to Turks & Caicos Islands perhaps …and within six months, who know where else?

Don’t plan your vacation dreams too long….Just Do It!

I spoke to Joanne via a Skype phone call as she was docked in a marina with a good Wi-Fi signal in the Bahamas. I had been waiting a few weeks to get in touch with her. Because of high winds she was trapped in a bay unable to negotiate the waves and find an internet signal.

Joanne  discussed in the podcast how she is at the mercy of an irregular signal to do blog posts on her site Parka on the Loop. This travel blog site is hosted by

Like with many specialty travel blog sites, this one has a free service and two other packages you can buy into with added features. Joanne opted for the $35/yr. package to be able to post photos in her galleries.

She is traveling with a Nikon SLR camera and also has a very handy telephoto lens. One definitely needs that kind of zoom when sailing the seas.

Because of an intermittent internet, Joanne will write her blog posts on her laptop before she forgets. Then gets ready her photos for when the time comes she can make a connection again and upload it all to the site.

She was able to tell us how this travelogue has kept her family updated to where they are and what adventures they are up to. The site also serves as a great community of like-minded travelers who love to sail.

Sites like this certainly offer travelers great insight and the ability to share and ask questions related to their special interests.

This is a wonderful way to plan your holidays and get them to turn out just the way you might wish them.

Do you know of any unique travel blogging community sites? Whether it be on a country /region or hobby/sport, let me know.

Joanne’s  Sail Blog-  Parka on the Loop

America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association

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