4 Key Steps to Producing a Travelogue Show

When going on a trip there are four main areas to focus on to create content and package your vacation memories to share them successfully. Be it just a Facebook post of pictures or a big beautiful travel video, you need to think out these steps as you move through the process of creating a successful travelogue story of your holidays.

We will discuss all the detailed aspects of these steps over time on this site. To start, here is the BIG picture as far as planning, shooting, packaging and sharing your holiday photos and videos.

One has to talk in broad terms here, as these days there are so many ways to craft your vacation memories. This site can teach you how to sort out all the options and ways of creating a “package” of your trip for friends to see.

This “package” you make from your trip could be in many forms and we will discuss the merits and means of creating many of them. You could do a travel blog, social media posts, slide show, photobook, video, scrapbook…it’s all wonderful… and now the list.

4 Key Steps to Creating Your Travelogue:

1.  Prep – what to do before your trip

  • Audience – who will watch, what format
  • Research – locations, events, access, schedule
  • Gear – what to bring, buy, maintenance, backup plan
  • Technique – know photography and video basics
  • Concept – subject content, artistic style

Plan, prepare, and research your trip. Base your equipment needs on what the end results should be.

Learn the techniques required to shoot your vacation content in the best way with the least amount of disappointments.

Consider who your audience will be when you get back from your trip as a guide to how much effort (or how little) you may want to invest in the whole production.

2.  Shoot – recording content during the trip

  • Capture Content – shoot pictures, video clips, record audio
  • Locations – where, travel time, duration, access, weather
  • Coverage – subjects, interests, events, landscapes, people
  • Equipment – use special gear, sport cam, underwater

While on your trip, apply your research and planning to shoot photos and film video, and maybe also record some audio according to your needs. This depends on the length and interest factor of the content you encounter, and the style of the travelogue story you want to tell.


3.  Edit – back home: save, sort and assemble the travel story

  • Transfer Files – store, backup data, rename
  • Edit – pick the best, delete the garbage
  • Correct – fix exposure, colour, crop, retouch, resize, format
  • Build – assemble content, add titles, music, narration, transitions, effects

Upon your return home, save your content (twice!) and edit the outtakes. Only use the best. Correct any issues with your files before adding them to an editing program to build your travel story. Add extra content sparingly to the mix to enhance what you shot, like icing on a cake.

4.  Share – how and where to show your trip

  • Output – save show, pick file format, test
  • Delivery – upload to web, print, write DVD
  • Presentation – set up venue, test output, enjoy with audience

Now that you have your best photos and/or videos together in a travel show, it’s time to output. The options are many, from picture photobook, to uploading video on YouTube or sharing on a social media site. You may want also to play the file on a TV from a DVD player, or show friends your vacation on a tablet. Presentation is more important than you think.

From this condensed list we will expand on each topic and go on two digital traveler gearpaths in the future:

EASY path >  for those of us with little time or means to create a fancy travelogue. We just need to do something quick, simple, clean and tasteful.

ADVANCED path > for those of us with the interest and time to create a beautiful slideshow, movie or photobook. We will cover in detail what is important, how to be creative, and how to be organized and efficient with your workflow.

Learn how to pull off an awesome travelogue while still having fun on your vacation doing it – cause that is what it’s all supposed to be; a FUN hobby! And we are going to try to keep the FUN in all we do here at Travelogue Creator.com

About Dan Roitner

I love traveling, and have been doing slideshows and video home movies of my trips for decades. As a pro photographer, instructor and multimedia artist I hope to teach you the many aspects to develop an artist style and improve the quality of your own travelogue projects.As the owner of this site, may the resources here, help you improve your skills to create holiday memories worth sharing.

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  1. Thanks for summing it up. There is a lot to consider and I need to plan better.

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