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This is a website to learn how to share your holiday travels with friends and family…and the world! There is a story in every trip and we want to teach you how to make a travelogue* of the best ones. By definition this is a documentary style record of your experiences while traveling. This was originally done as a written diary for hundreds of years. We will expand on that and get into the endless choices in multimedia and sharing that the modern age offers. How cool!

There are so many ways to share your travels, unlike years ago when we carried around an envelope of 4×6 prints. Beyond that method there seems to be endless ways to package and show your trip. Here are a few:

  • Wall Art
  • Photo Books
  • Digital Slideshows
  • Digital Videos
  • Social Media sites
  • Blog sites
  • Email

The goal of our site is to educate and inspire travelers to come home and share their experiences. To do this we break it down into four parts and show you the steps. You decide how much time and effort you wish to put in and we give you the means to get those memories packaged into “a show”.

We want you to learn how to tell the story of your world travels, package and share those great trips. Not just do the basics but build an audience of friends who will look forward to your return. A keen circle of travel buddies eager to see your next travelogue adventure.

How are we going to do this? The focus is certainly capturing a traveler’s experience; YOUR’S! How? Well, knowing that some of you have neither the time or patience for the BIG productions, we will also teach an alternate fast and EASY method. Here we simplify for those who want quick results, with less effort but can still shine and bring on the adulations. (we all like those)


digital traveler gearYou will learn on this website in the few coming months about photo and video gear, how to use it, and how to be creative and bring a style to your content. We will teach you to how and where to find and shoot great pictures abroad. Then we will show you with diagrams and videos how to package your raw content into a “show” for public enjoyment.

There are so many software editing programs to use. We will cover the concepts to edit your pictures and videos. Then the last step is showing you the different ways to share your travelogue to the world.

“Home Movies” can be boring and we are here to dispel that stigma.

We want you to earn a good reputation as a great story teller. We want you to use this site to become a better photographer/ videographer and go to the next step and plan, create and package a trip worth putting your name on the credits.

As this site evolves and grows, Travelog Creator will move with the trends in multimedia and listen to its audience to deliver what they need to know. We hope you gain plenty of insight and grow with us.

Let’s have some fun!

Dan Roitner

* travelogue or it could be “travelog” too, the first is more common, we use both freely.

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