Travel with Your Camera Ready to Shoot

Moments are fleeting, so when you want to capture that special moment on your travels, you need to have something to record it at the ready. Carry a camera with you everywhere. Don’t come back again from another amazing trip with only memories and regrets.

I just came back from a cruise, and I can reflect on a number of missed opportunities that I wish I had photographed.  So why did I not get those shots?

There’s a bit of laziness in us all, and shooting content can become a job; keep it FUN. (Working on a holiday is not good.) We may not take our cameras with us because they are too heavy, too large, too complicated. Or perhaps your fellow travelers are getting a little annoyed at your snap-happy delays. At times there are good reasons such as bad weather, poor lighting, safety issues, sand, water…

What I’d like you to consider is not coming home with a sad face, thinking oh I should have taken that shot, or maybe next time we go I’ll get that picture, or I’ll remember that moment forever. (Forever is a long time…)  Instead travel with portable equipment, a game plan and expectations, so that you’re armed with a camera and ready to bag that next great shot.

Shoot now, ask questions later. “Film” is cheap I would say. (Not like the old days, when you DID have to consider the cost.)

The cameras in smartphones have become the most accessible means to “get the shot”. Use them with an understanding of their limitations.

I find pocket sports cameras even better for total coverage.  These sports cameras are small, light, and waterproof. The lenses do not extend out of the body and you can take them to the beach, snorkel with them and even drop them off the table with a good chance that they’ll survive the fall.


The quality of these cameras are OK, not amazing and if anyone knows a sports camera worth raving about please leave a comment because I’m still looking.  I have an Olympus Stylus TG-830 and I find the files are too compressed and not very sharp.

Availability of whatever you use to capture your photos and videos is really the key.

camera-in-ParisSo next time you go on holidays make the effort to take that photo or video clip. Likely it is worth the effort and consider your options as to what gear to bring and when to shoot as you make your travels.

I would never suggest that we just blanket the entire trip with camera and video gear running constantly. No one cares about everything you do in your life; capture the highlights.

Get the travel story. It’s really about how would you like to remember your trip and what would your audience enjoy seeing.

This is more a case of making an effort to capture what you need before you get home. Most trips are never repeated, and even if we do go back to that wonderful place with the awesome view, while the sun is setting, it’s never the same. Pro landscape photographers know that.

Consider my advice, capture that moment as best you can and bring it home. You will be glad you did!

About Dan Roitner

I love traveling, and have been doing slideshows and video home movies of my trips for decades. As a pro photographer, instructor and multimedia artist I hope to teach you the many aspects to develop an artist style and improve the quality of your own travelogue projects.As the owner of this site, may the resources here, help you improve your skills to create holiday memories worth sharing.

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